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  Welcome to Minecraft The Walls!

We are the official Minecraft The Walls style servers. This is a game where you start off in 1 of 4 sectors with a team, you have 15 minutes to build an awesome fort, once the timer ends, the walls are dropped and its an awesome team based battle. Are you good enough for Minecraft The Walls? There's only one way to find out!

2014 End of Summer Walls Tournament

boophis SupportMaster-GMGMPRO posted Aug 15, 14

Redefine Summer Crushes - join the End of Summer Walls Tournament to obliterate your enemies.
Be the last team standing and the next Walls MVP.
Details can be found here.
supahseals Sorry rikopunch tournament has already been. Next tournament set up a team or join a team. ...
rikopunch VIP can some1 tell me if i can join thier team or is it too late?
LakersHeatGuy PRO HI MOM

2014 Hoppy Spring Walls Tournament

glennEboy aPROVet posted Mar 13, 14

2014 Spring Walls Tournament
Hey Walls Peeps! The GM team would like to invite you to hop in our SpringTournament to celebrate the fresh new season
with the Walls community
fighting epic battles on the awesome Walls map.

What is it?
The tournament will be a single elimination style bracket. 4 matches of 4 teams each will compete with the winner of each match going on to the final round. The tournament champions will be the last team standing at the end of the final match.

When is it?
Matches will take place at set times on April 12 and 13 2014. Time slots are set so when signing up please be sure you are choosing a time that is agreeable to your whole team.

Preliminary match times will be as follows:
Preliminary Match 1: 4AM UTC Saturday April 12
Preliminary Match 2: 1PM UTC Saturday April 12
Preliminary Match 3: 5PM UTC Saturday April 12
Preliminary Match 4: 9PM UTC Saturday April 12
All players must be agree to be available for the following final time:
Final Match: 3PM UTC Sunday April 13

Please be sure you team is ready to play and on correct team at start time. Matches will not be delayed or restarted for errors in team joining or coming in late. Players on the wrong team when the match starts will be kicked and forfeited from competition. If there is a problem with logins or some reason matches must be delayed or moved to a different server, details will be posted on my wall so please watch there prior to your match if something seems to be wrong.
poormom hi there im new to this site
monsterman606 and i don't know to get in a game
monsterman606 i'm new to this website and i want to know how to play in the walls

Walls 160 Tournament!

glennEboy aPROVet posted Mar 8, 14

For the first time ever, we are running an adrenaline filled Walls 160 edition. This consists of a game where we cram 160 players in a single game. This means there will be about 40 players per quadrant. Those of you who have been around with the Walls for a while know that these increased player slot style games started here on MCTheWalls, and we want to keep the tradition going for the community. :)
This event is sponsored by the MCTheWalls community volunteer staff
- including our favourite admin Sir glennEboy.

Event Details:
Match Date: Saturday, March 8
Match time: 6PM PM UTC
If for any unforeseen reason these details must be changed, changes will be posted here.
Julio How do I join???????
donna como entro???????? how do i join??????????????
jameson14 how do you play this game
 Start with 1 gold axe 
 Protect more chests
 Start with 1 golden apple 

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